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Spider Week

We spent the past week studying these fascinating creatures while integrating various nonfiction reading and writing skills.  I chose five spiders that I thought my kiddos would find interesting and assigned one to each of my table groups.  They used this graphic organizer to help them gather information from various trade books as well as online books from Myon.

My students were able to identify the body parts we had been studying with real-live spiders using these iPad microscopes.  Each table group had their own spider to look at and they took turns projecting them onto our Apple TV.
My kiddos also took turns coming up to our augmented reality spider bulletin board that I created thanks to a training I attended by Two Guys and Some iPads.  When a spider image is scanned using the Daqri app, a video of that spider in action comes up on the iPad.  In the picture below, my student is watching a video that shows how a trapdoor spider comes out of its burrow to trap its prey. 
Click on the video below to see my students watching a tarantula and black widow video.
Needless to say, my kiddos loved getting up close and personal with spiders.  We are so fortunate to have these authentic experiences that wouldn’t be possible without this amazing technology.    
My students summarized their spider findings with these mini research reports.  I got the adorable spider craft template here. 

Here are a couple close-ups. 

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