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Engage and excite your students with time-saving paperless resources

Interactive Digital Math Centers

Students drag movable pieces and/or type their answers directly on the Google SlidesTM. Clear, easy-to-follow directions allow students to navigate the centers independently.

Digital Math Task Cards

Students type their answers directly on the Google SlidesTM in the provided text boxes. A self-grading digital assessment is included with each set.

Digital, Self-grading Math Assessments

These Google FormsTM quizzes save you tons of time while providing useful data to drive instruction. One quiz for each Common Core standard is included. All quizzes are editable.

Digital Math Escape Rooms

Students answer a series of math problems and puzzles to “break out” of a themed situation. These work great in teams of around 2-4 students or as an independent activity. 

Digital, Interactive Sight Word Practice

4 NO PREP activities are included for each sight word list: Find It, Build It, Cover It, and Type it. Students will either drag MOVEABLE pieces or type directly on the slides.

Paperless Math Resources

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