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Mystery Number Interactive QR Code Bulletin Board (FREE Template)

I’m a big fan of interactive QR code bulletin boards, and it’s always a bonus when I can get my students to create their own content.  However, when I moved down to primary, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make student-created QR code bulletin boards work.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way. . .  

We’ve been working on place value for the past couple weeks, and I wanted to do a fun culminating project.  So I created these templates for my students to fill out based on a “top-secret” number of their choice. 

I had them write their number on the back, making sure none of their classmates saw.  Then I generated and printed QR codes with their mystery numbers and taped them to their papers.  Once the bulletin board was set up, I let small groups of students go up and try to guess their peers’ mystery numbers. 
My kiddos had so much fun with this activity and it really helped solidify their understanding of place value.  Here are a couple of close-ups.

If you’d like to do this activity with your own students, click the template images above to download them for free.  (Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the adorable kidlet clipart.)  To generate the QR codes, go to QRstuff.com and click the box on the left that says “Plain Text.”  Then type your number in the text box and click “Download QR Code.”  I dragged all of the QR codes into a Powerpoint document so that I could print them all on one sheet of paper. 
In an effort to make sure my students are practicing place value concepts all year as we move onto new topics, I created a QR code mystery number of the day activity.  Each day, my students scan a new “Mystery Number” and fill out a recording sheet with various place value concepts.
To conserve paper, I’ve been having them fill out the recoding sheet and turn it into me via the free app Showbie.  (I promise to blog about Showbie soon!) 
We’ve been doing this as morning work, but it can also be used as an independent math center.  Click HERE or on the image below to check it out on TpT.  There are 180 mystery numbers included (half are 2-digit and half are 3-digit) so this pack can be used all year long!
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