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iMovie Book Trailers Displayed Using QR Codes

My fourth graders had a blast this past week creating QR code book trailers using iMovie.  My tech coach (who just become a blogger!) came in to help them record themselves discussing their books in iMovie.  They even got to do a cutaway of a photo of their book, which made the presentations look nice and polished.:)

In order to get the iMovie presentations into a QR code format, we first had to upload them onto Google Drive to create public links.  (My students already had their own Google Drive accounts set up.)  Then we used Unitag, which allows you to create custom QR codes with pictures in the center.  All you have to do after you paste in your URL is click on “logo” under “customizations” and upload the image of your choice.  My kids used a photo of their book cover as the center image.

I’ve always loved using peer book recommendations in my classroom and this is a great way to take book talks to a higher level and get kids excited about reading new books.  I plan on changing out this bulletin board every couple of months now that my students can complete this project as an independent center.
If you teach littles, this project is still doable—they just might need a little extra assistance.  My fourth graders are thrilled to be helping our first grade reading buddies complete their own book trailers later this month.  We will most likely be using Photobooth instead of iMovie since it’s a little easier for the little ones.
How do YOU do peer book recommendations in your classroom?
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