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How to Make Your Remote Lessons More Engaging

Are you looking to kick your distance learning lessons up a notch to keep your students engaged and motivated? The ideas I’m sharing today will work in a remote setting as well as an in-person or blended classroom.
-Create a virtual Bitmoji classroom. This idea has gone viral recently, and for good reason. Virtual Bitmoji classrooms are not just cute and fun—they’re extremely functional as well. Teachers can post assignments, links, and documents all in one place for students and parents. This post has lots of great examples and a tutorial to help get you started.
-Use videos to introduce or review concepts. Kahn Academy, Learn Zillion and Brainpop have extensive libraries of videos and lessons that can be quickly and easily shared with students. The simple and safe platform Screencastify is great choice if you are up for creating your own.
-Host a live review game with your students using Kahoot. You can combine quiz questions with polls, puzzles and slides in one Kahoot, which takes only minutes to create.
-Assign a digital escape room. If you are new to digital escape rooms, check out my recent blog post and be sure to download the freebie below to check out how they work.
-Use interactive Google Slides presentations. Google Slides has a lot of great interactive features, such as embedding videos and links, but one of my favorites is moveable pieces. Click the image below to download this math freebie.
-Use digital stickers for grading and/or motivational feedback. Erintegration wrote a great blog post explaining how to use digital stickers with Google Classroom and Seesaw and even created this adorable freebie.
-Take your students on a virtual field trip. This site has a great variety to choose from.
Are there any ideas you would add to this list? Please leave them in the comments!
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