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Geometry Apps and Activities for iPads

Geometry is one of my all-time favorite units to teach because it’s easy to make it hands-on and applicable to the real world.  My kids are OBSESSED with the new Cyberchase Shape Quest app by PBS Kids.  Their favorite game to play is Patch The Path, which uses 3D augmented reality.  Students need to use spatial reasoning and modeling to “patch” the path so the animals can get across.  I took a short video of one of my girls playing it so you can get the gist of how it’s played.  
They also love playing Hide and Seek, for which they must uncover specific shapes to find their animal friends.  This game is great for practicing and reviewing geometry vocabulary.  Did I mention this app is free?!  I highly recommend it!
Another activity I love doing with the iPads is taking pictures of geometry concepts around our school.  The kids used the free app Skitch to mark up their photos so it was clear which geometric terms were being represented.  

Then we made collages using the marked-up photos in Pic Collage.  They turned out pretty good if you ask me.:)

As with most math concepts I teach, I put a couple of QR code scavenger hunts up around the room for the kids to complete during centers.  This one has them identifying various polygons.

And this one, which is a FREEBIE in my store, has them identifying types of lines and angles.  The QR code on each phone leads them to the next term until the hunt is completed. 

I’ll leave you with some FREE geometry posters in case you haven’t grabbed these from my store before.  

Maybe some of these ideas can help get you through test prep season.;)

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